The Weather Bird says — BRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!! Sunny and cooler. Sunnyyyyy and cooooooolllllllerrrrrrr.
We‘re getting into the coldest weather we‘ve seen in the last two years, and with much of the day struggling to stay in double digits, what do you do if you have to be outside?
Doctor Robert Collins, Medical Director of Emergency Services at Riley Hospital for Children at Indiana University Heal…th says if you can‘t limit the amount of time you spend outside, make sure you layer. Doctor Collins says the more clothing you wear, the better insulated you will be.
If your kids are out at the bus stop, Collins says hats are a necessity, since so much of the body‘s heat is lost through the head. If your job requires you to be outside, Collins suggests giving yourself lots of breaks to warm up again. Collins says it‘s not all just cold weather that can cause frost bite and other health issues related to the cold. He says the wind plays a big factor in contributing to how cold your body gets when temperatures drop into the single digits.