Schools are now reporting little if any problems with ISTEP testing after State Superintendent of Public Instruction Glenda Ritz instructed all schools to reduce the number of students testing at anytime by 50-percent. John Newport with Vigo County schools says the district thought there might be problems this year after 2 years of issues.


Vigo County Schools tried to be proactive and had asked the state to postpone the addition of another grade level to their online testing pool for this year. Newport says the school corporation also had concerns about the local Internet connection maintaining the amount of traffic the testing requires. The request for delay was denied and Vigo County suffered problems like man schools around the state.

Newport says the it is somewhat frustrating and concerning to have to deal with the current issues when they tried to be proactive this year. Newport did give a lot of credit to Superintendent Ritz for understanding the issues schools were facing and extending the deadline for testing to be completed by 5 days.