The Indiana State Fair means food, usually deep fried food that isn‘t healthy.  Does that mean you should avoid it altogether?  Not if you are smart, says one bariatric doctor.

Many dieticians suggest eating a meal before going to the fair or any other place where you might be tempted by fatty, sugary or salty foods. But Dr. Lori Hurst with St. Vincent Bariatric Center of

Excellence says that‘s often an unreasonable choice, and says its okay to go to the fair hungry, “but not starving.  It‘s better to do that than to eat a meal before you go, and then eating again at the fair – essentially two large meals back to back.”

Hurst says if you are smart, you can indulge a little at the fair without overdoing it.  “We tend to go crazy when there are a lot of options,” said Hurst.  “But we should ask ourselves ‘what do I really want to spend my calories on?‘ Then, let the other stuff go until next year‘s fair.”

One good thing about having fatty food at the fair is there is plenty of space to walk it off.  Hurst says you should take advantage of it, “or plan an activity to do after you get home to move around and help offset your eating for that day.”