The Indiana State Police is urging the media to report the accurate context of accused murderer David Camm’s employment.

Camm is on trial for the third time after two convictions were turned over on appeal.

He’s accused of killing his wife and children in Georgetown, Indiana in September of 2000.

The state police in a news release say a majority of media outlets reporting on the Camm trial frequently introduce the news story as “Former Indiana State Trooper David Camm. They say that statement can lead some people to believe the reason Camm is a former trooper is because of his alleged crime.

However, the state police informs the public that Camm resigned as a state trooper four months before the murders. The release goes on to say that the murders and devastation to the families and friends of the victims is the story and should be the focus and where Camm worked four months prior to the murders has no bearing on the crimes.