The latest commercial real estate figures show the markets are improving, but certain factors are hampering progress.  Cassidy Turley Regional Vice President Jason Tolliver says the vacancy rate for commercial real estate in Indiana now stands at 13% compared to 12.9% back in 2007.  Tolliver says the figure for industrial properties is even better; 13.5% now compared to 14% back in 2007.  Tolliver says the vacancy rate was upwards of eight percent higher in 2009.  The vacancy rate or occupancy rate basically tracks the percentage of available office space for businesses.  In short, business demand for space as an indicator of economic health. Tolliver says the property markets are improving, but not fast enough.  He says lending to small and medium-sized businesses remains an issue along with lack of clarity out of Washington on public policy.  Despite that, Tolliver expects 2013 to be a strong year for commercial real estate.