Becky White of WSLM is kicking off the 4th Annual IU-Purdue Food Challenge this week.

“This has been a huge blessing every year to be able to help raise money, food and awareness for the local food bank,” said White, owner of WSLM RADIO. “The real winner in this is the food bank and helping those who need extra help this time of year.”


Drop off food items at the Salem Apothecary if you’re a fan of Purdue sports and at Eddie Gilstrap Motors if you’re a fan of the Hoosiers.

WSLM is again promoting the Washington County Food Bank as well as good sportsmanship with the 4th Annual IU-Purdue Food Challenge.

Collection points will be competing for the coveted “Old Oak Urn” which the Apothecary won during the inaugural year of the event.

To date, WSLM has collected more than$4000 in food for the local  food bank.

All food will be collected on Monday, Nov.25.

Let’s get out and support our local community!