State Senator Brent Steele says it is a lot easier to sit in a recliner and answer questions on “Family Feud” then it is on stage, in front of judges and waiting for a buzzer to sound.

Steele and his 4 sons –  Aaron from Bloomington, Sean from Heltonville, and Rhett and Gavin from Bedford will appear on the popular TV game show  hosted by comedian and author Steve Harvey on Monday.


The Steeles signed a nondisclosure agreement that prevents them from saying how well they did. But Aaron Steele, a Bloomington realtor, said during the show’s introductions Harvey couldn’t help noticing that the Steele men had nearly as much facial hair as the “Duck Dynasty” cast. Gavin was sporting the longest beard of all, stretching a foot beneath his chin.

Aaron says the boys and their father will be able to tell stories about their experience the rest of their lives.

The family had to audition to get on the show. Last spring, Sean filled out an application after hearing auditions for the show would be held at the Indiana State Fairgrounds. The family made the cut and at the audition, attended by hundreds of families, the Steeles participated in a mock version of the show.

In July Sean got a second call saying the producers wanted to fly the family to Atlanta, put them up in a Holiday Inn, and possibly include them in an episode of the show.

The Steeles flew to Atlanta in August, but that still didn’t guarantee they’d make the show.

A stretch Escalade picked them up at the hotel at 7:30 a.m. and took them to the studio.  After a 13-hour wait in a holding area, the Steeles were called at 9 p.m. to film a segment for the show.

Brent says  the producers filmed their segment for 90 minutes and then edited it down to an 18-minute segment that will actually air.

The whole family will gather in one of their homes to watch the show Monday.