Spring Mill State Park officials say the two-day deer hunt at the park was a success.

The hunts were held at Spring Mill State Park and Cave River Valley Nature Preserve, the goal was to manage the white-tail deer population from damaging vegetation and keep the herds healthy at the two properties.


Assistant Property Manager Jon Winne says more hunters showed up because of the weather. Many believed the deer would be moving around because of the bad weather on Sunday..

Winn says 48 hunters bagged 13 deer on Monday at Spring Mill, and 27 hunters took 7 deer Tuesday. At Cave River Valley in Campbellsburg, 15 hunters took 13 deer Monday and 17 hunters took 4 deer Tuesday.

Most of the deer killed were juvenile and adult does, but there were a few young bucks taken and all of the deer were healthy.

Another controlled hunt will be held on  Dec. 2-3. Hunters are allowed to come to the parks up to 10 days before the hunt to scout locations and set up non-penetrating deer stands. Spring Mill contains 1,364 acres, with about 1,340 acres available for hunting. Cave River is 316 acres of more rugged terrain, giving hunters 285 acres of available hunting ground.