A Brownstown man was arrested Wednesday after he allegedly deceived several people out of money throughout the Dudleytown and Tampico areas.

The Jackson County Sheriff’s Department says 30-year-old Robert. Hollin, Jr. was arrested on an outstanding warrant for a parole violation and was charged locally with several counts of theft. He is being held in the Jackson County Jail without bond.


Police arrested Hollin at Walmart in Seymour where he was attempting to solicit money from store customers.

According to police, Hollin had been going door to door asking people for money for his infant child to buy diapers and formula. However, Hollin does not have a child.

Hollin received more than $200 in cash. Several people offered to buy the formula and diapers and even deliver those items to Hollin’s home but he only wanted cash.

Police say Hollin was using the money to purchased cigarettes, gas and soft drinks.