During the annual four day Indiana Department of Natural Resources deer reduction hunt at Spring Mill State Park and its neighboring Cave River Valley Nature Preserve hunter bagged 55 deer from the two properties.


Thirty-seven were taken during the first two days of the hunt, November 18th and 19th. On Monday, 33 hunters at Spring Mill killed five deer, and 16 hunters took five deer at Cave River Valley. Then on December 3rd, 20 hunters took five deer at Spring Mill, and 17 hunters took three deer at Cave River Valley.

Again, as with the earlier hunt, most of the deer taken from the state properties were does and juveniles. Only two bucks were killed during the hunt.

Property Manager Mark Young says state biologists will take the numbers from the two parks, evaluate the vegetation and then make a decision as to whether or not another hunt will take place in 2014. But Young believes, from the number of deer taken from the properties this year there will be a hunt again next year.

In 2012, 1,292 deer were taken by 4,099 hunters in 14 state parks across Indiana.