An accident this afternoon involving a mini-van and a fully-loaded dump truck at the intersection of State Road 60 East and the Bypass sent four to the hospital with no fatalities. The highway was closed for about 3 hours.


According to Salem Police Department Officer Ronnie Mays, a Temple and Temple dump truck driven by Bill Adkins was driving on State Road 60 and struck a white minivan.

Three from the minivan were taken to the hospital for treatment. It is not known at this time which of the injured was taken by helicopter ambulance to U of L Hospital.IMAG0925_1

The minivan was owned by Katherine Banister of Palmyra.

Mays said he was not certain at the time if Banister was driving the vehicle.

“She was coming from Palmyra and was crossing the bypass when the crash occurred,” said Mays. “From what I observed, she failed to yield the right of way to the dump truck. She either stopped at the stop then pulled out and didn’t see him or didn’t stop. We don’t know yet.”IMAG0951_1

Indiana State Police are on the scene now as the accident is cleared. The road has been closed since the accident occurred at approx. 3p.

Mays said the dump truck had swerved into the left lane to avoid the mini van and applied his breaks. The weight of the full load of dirt and rocks caused the truck to tip over.