Because of a national propane shortage and threat of colder temperatures and more snow on Saturday, The American Red Cross has activated emergency shelters around Kentuckiana in case there are residents without heat and are facing extreme temperatures.

“In preparing for this weather event we have been identifying shelters to place on stand-by, should our services be requested,” said Amber Youngblood, Senior Director of Communications with the American Red Cross in Louisville. “Throughout many of our counties, we have shelter partnerships with area churches, schools, and businesses, which enable us to quickly open a shelter if needed. We also have disaster trained volunteers on stand-by ready to respond.”


Steve Corp at Southern Hills Church in Salem was notified this morning that the church might be needed in case of local residents without power and need of shelter.

Prices of the fuel, a liquefied petroleum gas, have rocketed to all-time highs in Midwestern states, distributors are rationing supplies, and some schools have shut due to a lack of the fuel during this year’s second bout of Arctic weather.

On Friday, propane heading for the Midwest changed hands at $4.30 a gallon – more than double its price just last Friday – although it had traded even higher at close to $5 a gallon the previous day.

Major Scott Ratts from the Salem Police Department said if anybody in the Salem area was without heat and needed shelter, to contact them at 812.883.5100 and they would be referred to Southern Hills.

If anyone is without heat in the County, please call the sheriff’s department at 812.883.2834.