Members of Indiana‘s Congressional delegation have signed a letter to the U.S. Department of Transportation for an emergency extension on transporting propane.

The U.S. DOT declared a state of emergency for the Midwest and waived truck drivers from service limitations to enable them to deliver the much-needed propane.


The exemption is set to expire on February 11th. Congressman Larry Buschon (R-8th) says the 500,000 Hoosiers who heat their homes with propane need the deadline extended.

Prices have skyrocketed to over $6 a gallon in some places. The regular price of a gallon of propane is around $2.50.

The state of Indiana has also issued an emergency proclamation waiving hours of service limitations for propane transporters that remains in effect until January 31st.

Buschon serves on the Transportation Infrastructure Committee and hopes to soon hear about a possible extension.