If you’re sick and tired of winter by now, the state climatologist’s office at Purdue University says that’s too bad.

“The jet stream is what we look at closely to determine where the storm track is going to run. If we look at January versus February, we don’t see a whole lot of change coming,” said Ken Scheeringa, assistant state climatologist.


Scheeringa says their office actually saw evidence of a potentially harsh winter last fall.

“We look globally, and one thing we noticed is that south of Alaska in the northern Pacific Ocean, the water has been getting warmer over time,” Scheeringa said. “That was an indicator that the jet stream pattern would start very far north in that area, and then dive down to Indiana.”

As a result, we have had one of the snowiest winters on record and an unusually cold winter simply because of where we are on the map.

Scheeringa expects the cold to continue for the rest of this month, with possibly a little less snow than what we’ve been seeing.

As for the spring, his office doesn’t exactly know what to expect yet.

“When you get further out in time, it gets more difficult to predict. We already know that what happens in one season does not necessarily carry over to the next season.”