Washington County officers recovered numerous weapons and other items worth thousands of dollars in an investigation that resulted in the arrest of three men whom police say are responsible for a string of burglaries dating back to November.


The victims include neighbors of two of the men. James Spicer, Joshua Wieging and Jason Crawford were arrested and charged with numerous felony theft and burglary charges.

According to Detective Brent Miller of the Washington County Sheriff’s Department, warrants were issued last Tuesday for the men. They are accused of burglaries on  Nov. 12 and 19. Before those warrants were served, two more burglaries took place. In the first, perpetrators kicked in the front door of a home on Cole Road last week, ransacking the home and taking several items.

The next day a home on Walton Road  in Campbellsburg was broken into. In that instance, the homeowner and a friend were elsewhere on the property cutting wood. As the friend was going back to the home he saw a vehicle backed up to the home and the door of the home open. He confronted the two males, who told him they were looking for the homeowner. They then got in the truck and drove away. The man wrote down the license plate and called police.

Police then went to a home on Motsinger Road where they found several items including guns stolen from a home on Cole Road.

Wieging was arrested on a warrant at his home on Pilgram Way, the next day. During a search of that home officers recovered more stolen items in a crawl space under the home. A cooler on the property was “a treasure trove” of stolen items, including a ladie’s wallet with I.D. and a checkbook and a man’s wallet.

The stolen items included 11 firearms and a crossbow, worth a total of several thousand dollars, he said.

Officers even got a bonus, making two arrests of individuals with outstanding warrants whom were associated with the men. Rachel Sullivan, 21, Fredericksburg, was at Wieging’s home. She was arrested on warrants for three counts of felony forgery and three counts of felony theft.

Spicer’s younger brother, 19-year-old Jason Burton, of Campbellsburg, was arrested on two warrants for failure to appear.

Wieging was connected to several burglaries, including his own neighbor, right across the street from his home.

When arrested, Wieging was out on bond for a Class C felony robbery he was arrested for in July.

Assisting in the arrests were Conservation Officer Neal Brewington and Indiana State Police Troopers.