Losing a spouse, child or loved one can be difficult and sometimes living through the grief process is unbearable. While each person deals with grief a little differently, there are six needs of mourning that everyone experiences.


Join St.Vincent Salem Hospital Chaplain, Steve Fisher and Rev. Bob Buehring, Chaplain at Gentiva Hospice in New Albany for an informative talk on ‘Living through Grief’.

“This seminar is meant to help those who are grieving understand the processes they are going through,” said Steve Fisher, MDiv, chaplain at St.Vincent Salem Hospital. “This format will allow for listening, as well as sharing, if the attendees are moved to do so. However sharing of personal experiences is not necessary. We want to bring guidance and peace to those who are mourning the loss of a loved one.”

This will be the first in several brown bag lunch seminars dealing with grief. Registration is required. To register, call Chaplain Steve Fisher at 812-883-5881 ext. 1201.