Weather in the 80s is predicted for Tuesday, May 6 around Indiana – and both parties are hoping for a record turnout in this Primary Election.

Polls open at 6a and close at 6p.

WSLM RADIO will be broadcasting live election results beginning at 6:30p with live candidate interviews, broadcasts from the courthouse and the Democrat and Republican headquarters. The results will also be coming in from around the State of Indiana and WSLM will have that information as it becomes available through our Indianapolis network affiliations.


There are 8 locations in Salem now — coordinated in two locations — at the National Guard Armory and the 4-H Building.

  • Salem 1                Armory
  • Salem 2                Armory
  • Salem 3                Armory
  • Salem 4                Armory
  • Wash. 1                4-H Bldg.
  • Wash. 2                4-H Bldg.
  • Wash. 3                4-H Bldg.
  • Wash. 4                4-H Bldg.


In the rest of the county, there are locations in the 13 townships:

  • Brown                   Campbellsburg Community Bldg.
  • Franklin                Fire House at South Boston
  • Gibson                  Fire House at Little York
  • Howard                Fire House South of Becks Mill
  • Jackson                Fire House at Martinsburg
  • Jefferson             Fire House on Walnut Ridge Rd.
  • Madison              Fire House at Livonia
  • Monroe                Fire House North State Rd. 135
  • East Pierce          Pekin Park Shelter House
  • West Pierce        Pekin Park Shelter House
  • Polk                       East Wash. Middle Sch. Auxiliary Gym by Bus Barn
  • Posey                    Bearcat Center on US HWY 150 Hardinsburg
  • Vernon                 West Wash Sch. Superintendent Office on Mt. Tabor Rd.

There is only one one local race for the Democratic nomination for the office of Sheriff and four up for the US Congress 9th District nomination.


US Congress 9th District

         Vote for one (1) only

  • (D) Bill Bailey
  • (D) James R. McClure Jr.
  • (D) J.S. Miller
  • (D) William Joseph (Billy) Thomas

County Sheriff

         Vote for one (1) only

  • (D) David Bower                   800 Old State Rd. 60 East, Salem IN 47167
  • (D) Roger Newlon                9288 S. Voyles Rd. Pekin IN 47165


The Republican party will be deciding two local nominations for District 2 Commissioner and the GOP Nomination for Sheriff. There is a four-way race for the Commissioner nomination and a three-way nod for GOP Sheriff candidate.

Two Republicans are seeking the position of Jackson Township Trustee and four are seeking three seats on the Pierce Township Board.


US Congress 9th District

            Vote for one (1) only

  • (R) Kathy Lowe Heil
  • (R) Mark G. Jones
  • (R) Todd Young

State Senate Dist. #47

            Vote for one (1) only

  • (R) Erin Houchin                             109 Lakeview Dr. Salem IN 47167
  • (R) Harris Lloyd (Tad) Whitis        9795 S. HWY 11 SE, Laconia IN 47135

County Sheriff

            Vote for one (1) only

  •             (R) Danny R. Libka              601 Old State Rd. 60 East, Salem IN 47167
  •             (R) Roy Overshiner             508 N. Water St. Salem IN 47167
  •             (R) John P. Revels              2481 S. State Rd. 135 Salem IN 47167

County Commissioner Dist. #2

            Vote for one (1) only

  • (R) Mark Boling                   412 W. Walnut Ridge Rd. Salem IN 47167
  • (R) John D. Fultz                 509 W. Mulberry St. Salem IN 47167
  • (R) Phil McIntyre                  144 E. Eastern Hills Blvd. Salem IN 47167
  • (R) Preston Shell                1006 N. Hayes Ave. Salem IN 47167

Township Trustee

Jackson Township

            Vote for one (1) only

  •             (R) Pamela J. Blair                 9541 S. State Rd. 335 Pekin IN 47165
  •             (R) Matthew Incantalupo        9905 S. State Rd. 335 Pekin IN 47165

Township Board Member

Pierce Township

            Vote for three (3) only

  • (R) Christina K. Denny                         7747 S. Old Palmyra Rd. Pekin IN 47165
  • (R) Stephanie L. Sullivan Farler         8096 S. State Rd. 335 Pekin IN 47165
  • (R) Scott K. Miller                                  8093 S. State Rd. 335 Pekin IN 47165
  • (R) Stephen Purlee                              1017 E. Purlee Rd. Salem IN 47167