A 1985 Salem High School graduate, former Salem Lions basketball player and head boys basketball coach that took his Frankfort team to a State Championship in 2009 has been arrested for child seduction.

Police arrested Thomas Weeks, 46, after a tip from someone close to Weeks on Monday which revealed an inappropriate relationship between the teacher and a 17-year-old female student. He was taken into custody Wednesday afternoon after a police investigation.


Weeks is a history teacher at Frankfort Senior High School, where he also coaches the boys’ basketball team.

“These types of allegations are taken very seriously and investigated with the utmost sensitivity. Cooperation between the Community School of Frankfort and our detectives, as well as information gathered during the investigation, led to Week’s arrest,” Frankfort Police Chief Troy Bacon said.

Weeks is being held at the Clinton County Jail. He faces a single felony charge of child seduction.

Investigators say Weeks did not force himself on the girl. Detectives recovered text messages between the two that are considered evidence in the case.

“In regards to the relationship and how many times, we’re not divulging that at this point, but we are looking at the other factors to make sure and to rule out that there was no one else involved with Mr. Weeks,” Bacon said.

Child seduction charges are used when the suspect is in a position of authority and trust.

“We don’t believe that. Again, we’re still investigating a lot of factors in the case, but we don’t believe that’s the case. We don’t believe that it was a forced encounter,” Bacon said. “Since it is a juvenile case and a sexual case, we’re treating it very sensitive, so a lot of the information, we’re not able to release.

Weeks has been with Frankfort Community Schools since 2012. He left a job in Princeton, Indiana where in 2009 he led the basketball team to a state championship.

Weeks will likely have an initial hearing later this week. If convicted, he could face prison time.