A Morgantown man who is also principal of Central Elementary School in Martinsville was arrested for drinking and driving after he crashed an ATV, injuring his passenger.


According to the DNR, Peter Jochim, 35, was driving a Polaris ATV near 4700 West Division Road in Morgantown when he made a sharp left turn, causing his passenger, Kristina Koons, 32, of Martinsville, to be thrown from the vehicle.

Jochim was arrested for operating an ATV under the influence of alcohol. He was taken to the Johnson County Jail on Friday.

Koons was taken to Community Hospital South for a head injury. Monday morning, a spokesperson with the hospital said Koons had been treated and released. DNR officials said Koons was not wearing a seatbelt or protective gear at the time of the crash.

An inquiry into whether or not Jochim would be placed on any kind of leave was not immediately answered.  According to Michele Moore superintendents of schools, Jochim is cooperating with police. The school district is also investigating the incident and will take appropriate action, based upon the investigation by both the district and police. Because the case is still under investigation and involves a personnel matter the school is not releasing any further statements until the investigation is complete.

DNR officers want to remind people that it’s against the law to drive an ATV under the influence of drugs or alcohol.