After a year of fundraising from various businesses and teams, Washington County held its Relay for Life event this past weekend at the Salem High School Football field and track where another groundbreaking year was tallied up.


In all, $157,108.16. was raised — about $10,000 more than last year. In fact, from 1999 -2013 Washington County has raised $1,162,287.00. 

“We were all amazed and excited!” said Terri Suvak, Relay Chair. “We all feel very blessed to live in such a loving, caring, and giving county.”

The top three fundraising teams were:

  1. GKN  $12,786.00
  2. St. Vincent $11,275.90
  3. Pioneers of Hope $10,985.44
 “Last year we were in the top ten Relays in Indiana,” said Suvak. “I would think we would be again this year.”

Fundraisers were held during the year to generate much of the funds, but during the two-day event held last Friday and Saturday, there are activities held in order to generate funds to help push the total higher.

For example, there is the Relay Jail in which you can have someone put into jail for a donation. They need a donation, also, to get out of jail.

There is food for donations, massages for donation and the popular Relay Hose Down Fundraiser, in which community members are voted on to get hosed down by the Salem Fire Department. The most popular and the person with the most money get soaked.

There were games and activities planned from the opening ceremony at 6p on Friday night through closing ceremonies on Saturday at 11a.

“It was a great weekend!  The weather was perfect and everyone truly did Relay Like Rock Stars!!!” said Suvak.