A second person has died as a result of gunshot wounds received in a shooting in Orange County on Monday afternoon. The Jefferson County, Kentucky Coroner pronounced the second victim in yesterday’s shooting as deceased. 


This afternoon at 2:35 P.M., the Jefferson County, Kentucky Coroner pronounced Corey Michael Harris dead as a result of his gunshot wound sustained Monday in rural Orange County. Harris was listed as an organ donor; in order to carry out Harris’s wishes to provide an opportunity for others to possibly further their lives through his gift, he had to be declared legally dead and his body had to be sustained by medical devices. 

Harris was the third victim in a shooting Monday that left one Paoli man dead and another wounded. Crime scene technicians finished processing the residence and property just after 1:00 this afternoon. Investigators continue to follow up on leads from tips and information they have gathered over the last 24 hours. 

Anyone with information regarding the shooting is asked to contact the Jasper Post by calling 1-812-482-1441

According to an Indiana State Police press release, the Orange County Sheriff’s Department received a 911 call just after 1 p.m. this afternoon from a woman who reported finding a man lying near the road at 2350 North County Road 200 West or Sandy Hook Road.

Emergency crews arrived to find the man had suffered a gun shot wound.

They then found a second man walking outside the home with a gunshot wound and a third man inside.

Police were immediately called to the scene.

The man inside, 56-year-old Nicholas Fields died and 25-year-old Cory Michael Harris, of 2952 South Log Creek Road, both suffered a gunshot wound to the head.

The other man, 29-year-old Danile Smitson, of 3001 South Unionville Rd., suffered a wound to the mouth and was transported to IU Health Hospital in Paoli and University of Louisville Hospital in Kentucky where he is listed in stable condition. He is expected to survive.

Police say, none of the men had weapons on them. Police say the men were roommates who shared the mobile home.
Investigators and crime scene technicians are processing the scene looking for clues and indications as to why this incident occurred.

State police believe all three men were shot with a handgun, but officers have not released other details, citing the ongoing investigation. Police are not speculating on any methods or how this happened or reasons why.

Police have not released a description of the possible shooters.

“At this point we’re kind of lacking on witnesses. We’re lacking on other information. Crime-scene techs are on scene. They’re beginning to process, detectives are trying to get their work started, so we’re in the very early stages. We’re fairly confident we can put the pieces together, but it’s very shaky and very early right now,” says ISP Sergeant Philip Hensley.

Family members suspect the shootings were drug related.

Nicky Fields’ brother, Danny Fields, says in recent months his brother who loved to fish and hunt had been put under police surveillance.

“I would have much rather seen him go to jail then where he’s at now,” Danny Fields says.

Police won’t speculate on what’s behind the triple shooting, but they admit to two obstacles: the rain that has the opportunity to compromise the crime scene and just one survivor.

Police say Smitson has been less than cooperative.

“Investigators have talked to him but he’s not really giving us much info to go on right now,” Hensley added.

Danny Fields is convinced there are more people who know what happened.

Anyone with information should call the ISP Jasper Post at 812-482-1441.

The Indiana State Police is being assisted on scene by the Orange County Sheriff’s Department and the Paoli Police Department.