The 2014-2015 fall hunting season has arrived with the opening of squirrel hunting season over the past weekend..

Squirrel season will continue through Jan. 31. Hunters may harvest both gray and fox squirrels, and can harvest up to five squirrels per day.

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Indiana’s abundant squirrel populations offer great hunting, and squirrel season can be an opportunity to introduce beginners to hunting.

When hunting, be sure of your target and beyond, respect property rights and get permission, and drink plenty of water to prevent dehydration.

To hunt squirrels, Indiana residents must purchase the annual hunting license for $17 ($7 youth consolidated license), and nonresidents must purchase the $80 annual hunting license or the $31 five-day hunting license ($17 annual youth hunting).

The DNR Division of Fish & Wildlife has begun providing beginner squirrel hunting workshops as part of its “Hunt, Fish, Eat” program.

To purchase a hunting license, go to

Additional information on regulations and licensing is at