Two Jasper residents were arrested Friday afternoon after being caught removing copper from an abandoned home in Eckerty.


Arrested were  Daniel Blessinger, 40, and Tina Blessinger, 37, both of Jasper.

At about 10:15 Friday morning, a female had arrived at 7864 West State Road 64 in Eckerty to mow the grass at the property.

After arriving she observed a blue 1999 Mercury SUV backed into the top of the driveway that she did not recognize.

She left to go to a gas station to dial 911; upon her return Crawford County Sheriff Tim Wilkerson and Trooper Ryan Conrad had arrived on scene.

Through his investigation, Trooper Conrad found that the Blessingers had removed approximately 200 feet of copper wiring and approximately 50 feet of copper tubing from the home to sell as scrap metal.

Further investigation revealed that the two had believed that the home had been burned in a fire and was abandoned; neither knew who owned it, nor did they have permission to be on the property.

Daniel and Tina Blessinger were both charged with Theft and were lodged in the Crawford County Jail