A nearly one month long investigation culminated in the arrest of two parents on a total of three dozen charges.

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Arrested were Rachel D. Davis, 38 and Andrew G. Davis, 39, both of 330 West Mount Horeb Road, Orleans, IN. They were charged with Nine counts each: Sales to Minors:Sell, Barter, Exchange, Provide or Furnish Alcoholic Beverages – Misdemeanor; and Contributing to the Delinquency of a Minor – Misdemeanor

On August 27, Trooper Craig Starr began an investigation on a complaint of two parties in Orange County in which minors were served and provided alcoholic beverages by the parents of one of the teenagers.

Through his investigation, Trooper Starr, with the assistance of Orleans Chief of Police Roy McFarland, learned that on August 8 and August 15, Rachel D. Davis, 38, and Andrew G. Davis, 39, both of Orleans, had purchased and provided alcoholic beverages for parties hosted at their house by their daughter.

Trooper Starr learned that during the parties, Rachel and Andrew Davis had gone so far as to mix drinks for the teenagers, as well as set up tables for drinking games. Information obtained also showed that Rachel Davis had encouraged the teenagers to deny that the drinking had occurred.

After conducting interviews and taking numerous statements, the case and information was turned over to the Orange County Prosecutor’s Office, who filed through the Orange County Circuit Court nine counts of Providing or Furnishing Minors with Alcoholic Beverages and nine counts of Contributing to the Delinquency of a Minor against both Rachel and Andrew Davis.

Trooper Starr served both with the warrants on Thursday, September 18.