A Paoli man was shot and killed during a home invasion in Hardinsburg early this morning.

According to Indiana State Police Detective Craig Starr, at approximately 1:00 this morning, 23 year old Jacob Grimes of Paoli entered a residence at 7909 South County Road 700 East, Hardinsburg, and was shot and killed by the homeowners. home-invasion

The homeowners, Barry Frost, 59, and Terah Frost, 61, (brothers), heard the entry and moved their mother, Yvonne Frost, 86, into a bedroom to protect her.

Barry and Terah went downstairs to attempt to locate the person that had entered the residence.Unable to locate an intruder, the brothers looked for tools to fix damage done to the door.

As Barry opened a cellar door, he encountered Grimes, who then punched Barry and engaged him in a physical altercation.

Terah, in an adjacent room, heard the dispute and upon entering the room observed Grimes, wearing a hooded sweatshirt, a bandana over his face, and in possession of a knife, fighting with Barry. Terah shot Grimes with a handgun.

Grimes was pronounced dead at the scene.

An autopsy was conducted on Grimes this morning in Bedford. Indiana State Police investigators and crime scene technicians were assisted on scene by the Orange County Sheriff’s Department.

Notification to Grimes’s family has been made.