The Better Business Bureau Serving Central Indiana is aware of another round of “spoofing” incidents offering easy loans.

Caller ID spoofing is when a schemer calls consumers and deliberately falsifies the telephone number and/or name displayed on the Caller ID to disguise the identity of the calling party.


The most recent incidents of Caller ID spoofing that have been reported to BBB® Serving Central Indiana involves a company using an Indianapolis business and phone number offering advance-fee loans.

Typically, a consumer is called and told they are preapproved for a loan ― but you must pay first. The “company” requests the first month’s payment be sent to them, many times via MoneyPak or Western Union, to secure the loan. However, these loans are not a legitimate credit offer and once the money is sent, it is nearly impossible for the consumer to recoup their money.

BBB urges consumers to be cautious anytime they are contacted by phone with offers of credit, even when it appears the call is coming from a legitimate lender. Consider it a red flag if someone guarantees or offers a loan or other form of credit without knowing your credit history. If you’re asked to pay before you receive the loan funds, hang up the phone.

If you have questions about a company or want to know more about the legitimacy of a call you received call BBB Serving Central Indiana at (866) 463-9222.