State Sen. Erin Houchin’s (R-Salem) first bill as a state senator will work to move Indiana’s I-READ exam from third grade to second grade.

Houchin Photo

Senate Bill 169 requires students who do not pass the I-READ exam while in second grade to retake the test during the third grade, which allows for more opportunities to strengthen reading abilities.

“It’s important to catch reading deficiencies early so that issues may be promptly identified, providing more time for remediation,” said Houchin.

This proposal is also driven by educators who have expressed concerns with the amount of time spent on testing, particularly in the month of March.

Third-grade classrooms in Indiana spend most of the month of March testing, according to teachers. Currently, second-grade students don’t have any state-mandated tests.

SB 169 has been assigned to the Senate Committee on Education and Career Development.