Columbus Police are investigating an inside theft at Northside Middle School.

Sgt. Matt Harris, Columbus Police Department Spokesman, says employees at Northside Middle School noticed a number of past due notices being received for bills that should have been paid.

According to the affidavit, the issue was brought to Principal Amy Dixon.

Principal Dixon confronted the administrative assistant who was responsible for paying those bills, Michelle R. Rooks.


Rooks, who served as the school‘s treasurer, allegedly confessed to school officials, and later to Columbus Police investigators that she had been stealing from the school for the past six years.

The affidavit states that Rooks told investigators that when she would make cash deposits, she would keep a portion of the money for herself.

Rooks was arrested and is facing one Felony count of Theft, though more charges could be forthcoming.

A statement from Bartholomew Consolidated School Corp (BCSC) Superintendent Dr. John Quick indicated that Rooks has been fired and the State Board of Accounts has been notified to perform a proper accounting of Northside‘s finances.

Dr. Quick added that since Rooks was bonded and the school corporation is insured, neither the school nor BCSC should suffer financial losses.