Ron Haendiges announced his plan to file to run as a Republican candidate to challenge Jason Cockerill in the Spring Primary for City of Salem Mayor.

IMG_20150122_091319 (1)
Washington County Commissioner Preston Shell, Ron Haendiges Sr. and his son, Ron Jr. and Bill Suvak at Salem City Hall.
Ron Haendiges poses with his family and supporters as he prepares to announce his Republican bid for the office of the Mayor of Salem.


The May Primary will select one GOP candidate to run against a Democrat challenger this fall.

Hank Jacoby, Kimball employee and former Washington County Chamber of Commerce President, is the only one who has filed to run on the Democrat ticket.

In announcing, Haendiges stated,” I’m running for Mayor to bring tried and true leadership to the City of Salem. As a recent city council president, local business owner and leader for over 25 years, I have the experience to lead our great city and make it all it can be.”

Over the years, Haendiges said he has been entrusted to handle the finances of the city and the life savings of thousands of clients. “I’m proud to have done so honestly and responsibly,” said Haendiges.

Haendiges believes Salem needs a Mayor who has been tested and proven successful in business and in public service.

“I have an established record of accomplishment in both areas,” said Haendiges at a gathering in City Hall on Thursday morning. “I will bring these skills to the City. Our community must be in a position to compete for jobs and employment opportunities. We must create an environment that will both encourage current employers to remain here, while positioning our city in a way that is most attractive to new employers.”

Haendiges resides in Salem with his wife, Pam, a Bradie M. Shrum teacher, and two sons, Trey and Xavier.