Snowfall north of Louisville has increased in intensity approaching the noon-day hour as Indiana Department of Transportation’s yellow plow trucks head back to their unit locations for a shift change.  INDOT drivers have been on their assigned routes for 12 hours.  All anticipate returning to their trucks at midnight when noon-shift drivers call it a day.
INDOT Snow Plow
A full contingency of mechanics and support personal are also on 12-hour shifts.
The Falls City Subdistrict reports continuous plowing along all snow routes.  Highways are snow covered in the Sellersburg area.  They are snow-packed at Corydon.  Many should be considered hazardous. 
According to one shift foreman, “It’s been a long night.  It’s cold.  But the snow is easy to push off the pavement.
A dry snow, INDOT has had little trouble clearing roadways.  But the heavier snowfall means snow routes are going to be re-covered before plow trucks make return passes.
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