Having played more than 120 shows across four continents over an 18-month period, Pixes announce they will take

to the road again this Spring, performing at select major U.S. music festivals as well as headlining shows at intimate

theatres in many cities missed in 2013-2014.


The run kicks off on May 1 at the Beale Street Music Festival in Memphis, TN. Tickets for this run go on sale to the

public Friday, February 27. For pre-sale and other ticketing info, log onto

The tour will also set the stage for the debut of some brand-new Pixies songs, written and arranged just in the past

For these dates, Pixies – Black Francis, Joey Santiago and David Lovering – will once again be joined by touring

bassist Paz Lenchain, who has been playing with the band since January, 2014. All headline shows will feature a

new and more varied set packed with songs from the entire Pixies catalogue, full of distortion howls and all the vivid

dissonance a Pixies fan would expect. – all performed on a sparse yet stunning stage.


Twenty-thirteen and 2014 were pivotal years for Pixies, with founding member Kim Deal’s departure, the band’s

decision to work with a variety of touring bass players as opposed to finding a permanent replacement for her,

the release of Indie Cindy, Pixies’ first new album in more than twenty years, 12 innovative music videos, many of

which were conceived and directed by up-and-coming filmmakers and have racked up nearly six-million views, and

sold-out shows across the globe.