A dispute at an automotive body shop on the north side of Paoli ended with deadly consequences.

At 10:37 this morning, two employees at the body shop began arguing in the north driveway of the shop, located along State Road 37 at County Farm Road. The argument escalated into a fight, and the two men began wrestling in the driveway. A short time later, the victim in this case ran from the fight and locked himself inside a building.

user33681-1424886787-media1The suspect followed the victim to the building and began beating on the window. Afraid that the suspect was going to break out the business glass, the victim unlocked the door and let the suspect and a witness inside. Once inside, the suspect shot the victim in the chest and neck at point blank range. The suspect turned his weapon on the witness and fired additional shots but missed.

As the suspect ran from the building behind the business, two Orange County police officers arrived on scene chased after the suspect. After reaching a tree line behind the business, the suspect shot himself.

The suspect was airlifted to Louisville for medical treatment; however, he died in-flight. The victim was additionally airlifted to Louisville and is currently being treated for his injuries.

Identification of those involved is currently being withheld pending family notifications and further information to be obtained. They will be released when available.