Even if it doesn’t feel like spring, it’s almost time to move your clocks ahead an hour.

It’s always nice to have extra daylight after work or school to enjoy the evening, and we’re about to get another hour.

Though many people refer to the day clocks spring forward as the beginning of Daylight Savings Time, it’s technically Daylight Saving Time.


Daylight Saving Time officially begins Sunday, March 8, 2015. The time change officially takes place at 2 a.m., but you don’t have to spring out of bed and move the big hand on your clock ahead an hour. The change is automatic for most smartphones, computers, tablets and other digital devices.

Only Hawaii, parts of Arizona and some U.S. territories do not adjust their clocks twice a year.

If you’re still using an analog alarm clock, you’ll probably want to move it ahead before you go to sleep on Saturday, or when you wake up the next morning.

The Energizer battery company and the International Association of Fire Chiefs urge you to use the clock change as a reminder to change the batteries in your home smoke detectors. This simple and easy action will double your family’s chance of surviving a house fire.

You will “fall back,” or turn your clocks back one hour later this year on November 1, 2015.