The National Weather Service says an F1 tornado with speeds of up 95 mph was spotted in Perry County on Tuesday afternoon.

Dark clouds roiled and tornado sirens sounded from Western Indiana through Southeast Indiana and Kentucky. Several counties including Perry and Harrison Counties were under Tornado Warnings for a brief period Tuesday afternoon. f1%20tornado-1

The twister started about 2.5 miles northwest of Branchville, IN and was on the ground for about 3 minutes and about 2.6 miles
According to the National Weather Service, the tornado first touched down just east of Lake Celina where one tree was uprooted and others were snapped.

The tornado then continued east across IN-37 where it uprooted and snapped several
dozen trees along Old IN-37, according to a statement from the Louisville NWS.

The damage continued east towards Ottoman Road where a carport was destroyed, along with additional trees that were snapped and uprooted.

From there, the tornado took a jog to the northeast across Orchid and St. Croix Roads where it
caused substantial tree damage, uprooting and snapping the trunks 15-20 feet high on approximately 100 trees.

The tornado then lifted just east of Saint Croix Road.