City, County and State Police are looking for a suspect in a rash of thefts that fled today during an attempt to serve a warrant for his arrest.

Washington County Sheriff’s Deputies attempted to serve a warrant for theft on a person today at Partin’s Auto Salvage, 3859 N Cox Ferry Rd, Salem.


According to Sheriff Roger Newlon,  the person had been going between counties. A tip told them he was at Partin’s.

“He was across the road and watched the police pull in and he ran into the field,” said Newlon. “We’ve been searching for him ever since.”

The City of Salem Police and Indiana State Police have also been helping with the search, which is still underway at this hour.

Newlon said the suspect is still at large but is hopeful officers will make an arrest later this evening.

Newlon wanted to put the public at ease. “This is not a person who is believed to be dangerous,” he said.

More details will be released about property recovered by this person and other details. Stay tuned to WSLM RADIO and for details.