The AWC Class of 2014 (Awareness Washington County) recently announced the imminent completion of its class project. The class has completed site preparation and on Saturday, June

Ryan Hollen handles the power auger to dig through the rocky soil.
image3 (1)
Gail Littell removes large rocks from the soil while digging holes for the equipment installation. Holes had to be 20″ deep and 15″ in diamater.
image4 (1)
Kristy Purlee takes a turn at the power Auger, supervised by Fox Purlee and Gail Littell.
Members of the AWC Class of 2014, and family worked several hours to dig and clean out holes for installation day. L to R: Gail Littell, Beth Smith, Will Cummins, Lynessa Cummins, and John Cummins

6 they will commence installation of 9 pieces of permanent outdoor exercise equipment at the corner of Homer and Mill Streets. In close proximity to the Walking Trail, this will be a family friendly site that is free to the public.

The class is seeking the public’s help in naming this site – stay tuned for site-naming contest! Equipment sponsors, materials and other financial donors are Eddie Gilstrap Motors, John

Jones, St. Vincent Salem Hospital, Salem Crossing, GKN, City of Salem, Senior Citizens Center,Jeans Extrusions, Jason Wade State Farm, La Gene’s Jewelers, Quick Seal, Meadowview, Fox

Purlee, Knapp Miller Brown, Deer Country, Ace Hardware, Ewen Insurance, Anne Terrell, and Tom Fultz. The class would especially like to thank Temple and Temple who excavated and

drilled through rock in order to prepare the site, without which the project would have been impossible on the current property. Property was donated by the City of Salem, formerly

owned and donated by the Tarr family.

The purpose of Awareness Washington County is to develop informed, skilled, and committed

civic leadership. The program is designed to assist a diverse group of participants in acquiring a

broad understanding of the issues facing the Washington County area, fostering leadership

potential, enriching leadership skills, and building relationships that will facilitate collaborative

efforts in resolving today’s and tomorrow’s challenges. It is a leadership development

experience different from most of the trainings given by companies. AWC helps individuals

develop and strengthen their own leadership potential, empowering them to make positive

change in the community wherever they see the need. Anyone who lives or works in

Washington County is eligible for membership. Contact Marji Morris or Debbie Mildenburger

for more details or to join next year’s class ([email protected],

[email protected]).