Veteran’s Day 2015 will have even more meaning for the 46 recruits of the 75th Indiana State Police Recruit Academy.

Early this morning each recruit was pinned with their ISP Collar Insignia by Superintendent Doug Carter and Chief of Staff, Colonel Mark French.  The pinning took place early this morning at the Muscatatuck Urban Training Center where the recruits have been putting into practice what has been learned over the past 20 plus weeks of training in an academy environment.

Now, having earned their ISP collar insignia, these recruits are a mere eight days from graduation day on November 19, 2015.  Graduation day will mark the transition from being a recruit to becoming probationary troopers, after which they will report to their assigned state police posts throughout Indiana.  Once at their assigned post they will complete an additional three months of field training before starting solo patrol duties.

For those interested in embarking in a career with the Indiana State Police, applications are being accepted for the 76th Recruit Academy planned to start in 2016.  For more information on how to apply click this link to see the news release issued Nov. 9th announcing that applications for the position of trooper are now being accepted.

Supt. Doug Carter (left) and Col. Mark French (right) placing the ISP collar insignia on an unnamed state police recruit
Close up of the ISP Collar Insignia
ISP Recruits and Training Staff just prior to the pinning of the ISP collar insignia