Information obtained during a search warrant Sunday night led to the arrest of three Salem residents who were in possession of drugs while renting a room at the Cobblestone Hotel on Salem’s east side.
Logan Miller, 24; his sister, Lauren Miller, 26 and Ethan Abell, 20, all of Salem were arrested early Monday morning and booked into the Washington County Jail on a variety of drug-related charges.
Logan Miller is in jail on a $3900 cash bond and was charged with a violation of probation, which was the original warrant.
He was also charged with an A Misdemeanor, possession of a synthetic drug; a D Misdemeanor, visiting a common nuisance; an A Misdemeanor, possession of a controlled substance and a Level 6 Felony, possession of manufacturing paraphernalia.
Lauren Miller is being held on a $5500 cash bond and is charged with a Level 6 Felony, maintaining a common nuisance; an A Misdemeanor, possession of a controlled substance, a Level 6 Felony, possession of a syringe, an A Misdemeanor, possession of paraphernalia; an A Misdemeanor possession of a synthetic drug.
Abell is being held on a $1400 cash bond and was charged with a B Misdemeanor, visiting a common nuisance; an A Misdemeanor; possession of a synthetic drug; and an A Misdemeanor, possession of a controlled substance.
According to Washington County Sheriff Roger Newlon, several officers responded to a medical call at 108 South Fair Street on Sunday night.
Two 13-year-old boys were found unresponsive and transported to the St. Vincent Salem hospital.
It was suspected drug use was involved and police obtained a search warrant for the home.
Salem Police Detective Scott Ratts said Officer Tim Miller is still investigating the incident.
Newlon said information obtained at the scene during the search led police to locate Logan Miller, who was wanted for a probation violation.
“While we were finishing up [on Fair Street] we received information [Miller] was possibly at Cobblestone Hotel,” said Newlon. “We found out he had been staying there for the past few days. They had switched vehicles and we received information and we went to arrest Logan.”
Newlon said police arrived at the Cobblestone Hotel about 12:30a Monday.
“Miller apparently saw us pulling in and slipped upstairs,” said Newlon. “We located him upstairs and arrested him.”
Newlon said his sister was spotted coming out of a room at which time police discovered items that could be used to make Meth and other drugs.
Newlon said Pekin Town Marshall Jeff Thomas and the City of Salem Police Department assisted.