According to Nathan Risen of East Washington Rural Water Corporation, a six inch main break in the middle of blue river yesterday has left between 850 and 900 customers in Southern Washington County without water.


“We had it put together last night and then it blew apart about 4:30a,” said Risen, who is working with Temple and Temple on the repairs. “We’re in the process of digging this out to try and rectify the situation. We’re suing some different fittings.”

Early estimates put the repairs today at noon, but realistically Risen hopes for afternoon today.

“Doing everything we can do as quick as we can do it,” said Risen. “They’re digging on both sides of the bank…no way to dig across the river.”

Risen said the break was along the middle fork of Blue River, south of Salem near Spring Hill.

“It’s about 15 feet from one of the banks, we think,” he said, on the first Blue River you come to after passing Rudder Road on State Road 135.


The water break affects everyonesouth of Rudder Rd. and west of Highway 60 is effected, all 141 and 142 accounts, according to the EWRW website.

Everyone in this area should boil your water as a precaution until further notice when service returns.