Facebook Bomb Threat at East Washington Not Real

Facebook Bomb Threat at East Washington Not Real


Social media, like anything else, has it’s good and bad. It can be a tool to inform, and also a tool to create havok.

After a Facebook post last night, East Washington High School and Middle School officials went into high gear to quickly deal with a situation to prevent any possibility of a threat to students.

According to Superintendent Steve Darnell, a teacher forwarded a post from Facebook to East Washington High School Principal Darin Farris.

“The post said something about not going to school on Tuesday because there was going to be a bomb,” said Darnell.

Farris met with Town of Pekin, Washington County Sheriff’s Department officials and Indiana State Police officers who swept both the high and middle schools until after 1a Tuesday.

“They searched in every room including the restrooms and offices,” said Darnell. “Some of the law enforcement came back this morning and took up positions in the building just so the students and staff felt safe.”

Darnell said there were protocols put in place in the school’s safety plan. “I appreciate the assistance of our law enforcement. They certainly went into action and I appreciate their quick service.”

Darnell said the message was something random and popped up on Facebook.

Officials are talking to the student who posted this on Facebook, said Darnell.

The investigation is continuing.


Principal Farris will send a note out tonight with all students and it will go out though the school messaging system, said Darnell.