Those seeking to run in the upcoming election have until Friday, Feb. 5 to file.

Eleven county positions are up for election this year and party’s will nominate their candidate during the upcoming May 3 Primary.

Voters have until Monday, April 4 to register to vote.

Those seeks the seat for United States Representative 9th Dist. are:

  • (R) Robert Hall
  • (R) Brent Waltz
  • (R) Trey Hollingsworth
  • (R) Erin Houchin
  • (R) Greg Zoeller
  • (D) Bill Thomas
  • (D) Shelli Yoder

Incumbent State Representative Dist. 73 Steve Davisson (R) will be running against Michael A. Harkness (R) of Orange County. Doug Leatherbury (D) has filed to seek the Democratic nomination.

Incumbent (R) Larry W. Medlock has filed to seek another term as Judge of the Circuit Court. He has no challenger at this point.

Judge of the Superior Court has one filing, (R) Frank Newkirk, Jr. who will be seeking another term. He has no challenger at this point.

Clerk of the Circuit Court has one filing, (D) Rita Martin. She has no challenger.

(D) Shirley Batt has filed to run as the Democrat candidate for County Treasurer. She is unopposed.

Rusty Fultz (R) has filed to seek the County Coroner position.

(R) Jeffrey D. Souder has filed to continue to serve as County Surveyor

County Commissioner – Dist. 1 [Gibson-Franklin-Polk-Jackson] has one filing, incumbent (R) Phillip D. (Phil) Marshall. He is unopposed.

Rick Roberts (R) will seek the County Commissioner – Dist. 3 [Brown-Vernon-Madison-Howard-Posey]. David Brown currently has the office.

All three County Council members at large are up for re-election — Todd Ewen (R) has filed to seek re-election. Rondale Brishaber (R) and Treavor W. Phipps (R) have also filed for the primary. The only Democrat to file so far is Troy S. Hubbard.

Also on the ballot for the Spring primary will be Republican Precinct Committee persons in Salem 1, Salem 2, Salem 3 and Salem 4, as well as Washington 1-4 and these townships —

Brown, Franklin, Gibson, Howard, Jackson, Jefferson, Madison, Monroe, Pierce, Polk,  Posey and Vernon.

Those signed up are:

  • Brice Robinson, for Salem 2
  • David A. Weaver, for Gibson
  • Ruth Guy, for Monroe
  • Gerald Fleming Sr., for Pierce
  • Kenneth R. Armstrong, for Posey

Other positions on the May ballot will be:

  • State Convention Delegate – Democrat At Large (vote for 8 plus 1 automatic bid for Co. Chair = 9 total)
  • State Convention Delegate – Republican (total of 10)
    • At Large (vote for four (4) )
      • Marvin Clark, At Large
      • Dustin Davidson, At Large
      • Susan Davidson, At Large
  • Dist. 1 (vote for 2) – Franklin, Gibson, Jackson & Polk
  • Dist. 2 (vote for 2) – Jefferson, Monroe, Pierce, Salem-1, Salem-2, Salem-3,
  • Salem-4, Wash-1, Wash-2, Wash-3 & Wash-4
    • John W. Mead, District 2, Washington 1 Precinct
  • Dist. 3 (vote for 2) – Brown, Howard, Madison, Posey & Vernon
    • Kenneth R. Armstrong, District 3, Posey
    • LuAnn Armstrong, District 3, Posey

Looking ahead to November 6, here are the offices that will be voted on locally, including seats on all three school boards.

  1. State Representative Dist. #73
  2. Judge of the Circuit Court
  3. Judge of the Superior Court
  4. Clerk of the Circuit Court
  5. County Treasurer
  6. County Coroner
  7. County Surveyor
  8. County Commissioner – Dist. 1
  9. County Commissioner – Dist. 3
  10. County Council Member – At Large (3 Positions)

East Washington School Corp.

  • Polk Township
  • Town of Pekin

Salem Community Schools

  • Four At Large seats which are currently being held by Mark “Bubba” Abbott, Diana Armstrong, Erika Garloch and Steve Motsinger.

West Washington School Corp.

  • Madison Twp.
  • Posey Twp.
  • Vernon Twp.

Town of Campbellsburg: Town Council Member

Town of New Pekin: Town Council Member

Washington County voters will also be voting for national and state candidates in November:

  • President of the United States and Vice President
  • United States Senator
  • United States Representative
  • Governor and Lt. Governor
  • Attorney General
  • Superintendent of Public Instruction