SHS Class of 91 Seeking Classmates

SHS Class of 91 Seeking Classmates


In preparation for their upcoming 25 year class reunion, the Salem High School Class of 1991 is searching for the following classmates:

  • Josh Anderson
  • Larry Bryant
  • Zanya Caudill
  • Michael Colwell
  • Jeremy Dodds
  • Christy (Edwards) Sargent
  • Julie (Fleenor) Flamion
  • Scott Gulasa
  • Luke Gumaelius
  • Melissa (Hayes) Burlington
  • Frank Marling
  • Mitchell Ooley
  • John Smith
  • Shelly (Spicer) Burlington


If you have any information regarding address or contact information, please email Jamie Richardson at j55richards[email protected] or call (812) 620-9474.