New construction continues to move forward in Salem — from the new Wal-Mart to a new facility for Duke Energy.

In two weeks, the Wal-Mart store has come together – literally. Cranes have lifted wall sections into place, enclosing the largest Wal-Mart Super Center in Kentuckiana.

Trucks were lined up at the site this morning with roof trusses.

Once the roof is installed, then the concrete floor can be poured and work can begin on the inside of the store.

In addition, construction continues on the Murphy USA gas station, with the concrete block building nearly complete. Workers began installing the gas tanks today.

Also on the site, workers have been preparing to widen Kimball Blvd.

According to INDOT officials, Kimball Blvd is being widened due to issues with Duke Energy right of way.

“There is a Duke easement on the west side of Kimball Drive that does not allow for alignment of Kimball Drive and Twin House Road,” said INDOT representative Harry Maginity.

“It also does not allow for a signal to be placed for Twin House road which serves 7 houses,” he noted. “Therefore the stop bar for Kimball Drive is in the middle of the approach for Twin House road.”

The Duke easement is for overhead power lines that cannot have a signal in proximity of it for Twin House, noted Maginity.

Also for the installation of Kimball signal, the road alignment has moved to the east to accommodate the strain poles by about 40 feet.

“Coral Street has the same issue as Twin House Road in alignment with the East end signal,” said Maginity.

The new Duke Energy facility being built on Webb Street.
Murphy USA is being built on SR56 East.
Cranes lifted wall sections in place on the Wal-Mart store in Salem.
Workers clear dirt from the east side of Kimball Blvd. in order to widen the road.
Four semi trucks were lined up Monday morning to deliver roofing trusses for the new Wal-Mart store in Salem.

The other construction project is a new facility for Duke Energy on Salem’s South Side on Webb Street.