West Washington is proud to announce that they have received the 2016 Digital Learning Grant from the State of Indiana’s Office of eLearning.

The state received 84 applications and West Washington was chosen as one of the 21 schools to receive the $75,000 grant.


The Digital Learning Grant will provide many programs the opportunity to grow.  The school’s Television and Radio program will now have a drone to fly high above home sporting events for great aerial views.

The Engineering and Manufacturing will add a plotter and 3D scanner to their already great 3D printer.  The Forensics class will add a spectrometer, allowing them to test unknown substances in their forensics lab.

The grant will also allow for every student in the building to have access to a device, ahead of the scheduled 1:1 rollout.

The student technology team will also have the opportunity to grow and develop leadership skills and training for future programs.  The school will welcome a nationally renowned keynote speaker, George Curos, who will guide students and staff on today’s important topic of being good digital citizens through a “Blaze Your Trail” student led conference the school will host.

New money to the corporation in the amount of $75,000 is a huge gain for the tight budgets schools face, but to a small school like West Washington it is game changing.  While the school has been committed to providing access to students in a timely, yet financially responsible way this influx of money will allow for this process to speed up while providing opportunities for programs that are already thriving to take the next steps they need to grow.