The Salem Fire Department responded to a general fire alarm at Kimball in Salem this morning at approximately 9:10a.

Two fire trucks were on scene and parked on the north side of the building. Firefighters were inside.

Employees were evacuated and standing in the parking areas waiting for the all-clear well past 9:30a.

According to employees, they did not know where the fire was located but noted that something was on fire inside the building.

Fire runs were a common occurrence when sawdust and wood products were predominant at the factory. However, most, if not all of the wood working has been moved to the Jasper facility in favor of a new line of metal products moved last year from a western facility to Salem.

Midwest Natural Gas was on the scene as well.

An employee confirmed to WSLM that firefighters discovered smoke in a pipe. No word yet on whether or not the cause of the smoke was discovered.

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