23ed9f06-a8b2-4a3a-8802-35f3978dd332 7347bf11-0d2e-47f4-953e-81021ff80501 Dr. Jennifer McCormick, Superintendent of Yorktown Community Schools, became the first candidate to officially file for the Republican nomination for Superintendent of Public Instruction. She personally filed her declaration of candidacy and paid the filing fee at the downtown offices of the Indiana Republican Party. Photos from the filing can be found hereand here.

“Serving Indiana as Superintendent of Public Instruction would be a privilege, but with that privilege also comes an obligation to lead,” McCormick said.  “The last several years have been difficult for education in Indiana, but I know it can be better.  I know Hoosier students and families deserve more.”

Over the course of nearly two decades, Dr. McCormick has worked at every level of the traditional public education system in Indiana, serving as a special education teacher, a middle school language arts teacher, an elementary school principal, an assistant superintendent, and for the last six years as Superintendent of Yorktown Community Schools.

“As the next Superintendent of Public Instruction, I intend to lead a statewide team effort to build a system that we can be proud of not only here in Indiana, but a system that is once again looked to as one of the best in the nation,” McCormick added.

Since announcing her intention to run for the office, McCormick, a career educator and first-time candidate, has traveled the state meeting with teachers, administrators, students and families to talk about her vision for the Indiana Department of Education.  To date, she has traveled over 10,000 miles to attend events in 40 counties.

In order to earn the Republican nomination for Superintendent of Public Instruction, Dr. McCormick must be elected by a majority of the delegates to the Indiana Republican State Convention, scheduled for June 11, 2016, in Indianapolis, Indiana.  If successful, she is expected to face incumbent Glenda Ritz on the November ballot.

Dr. McCormick is the only Republican candidate to officially qualify for the state convention ballot.