New search warrants were issued this week in the death of Shaylyn Ammerman, who was raped and murdered in Owen County in March.

Kyle Parker was arrested and charged with the crime, but the new search warrants show that state police may not be through with the case.

Police investigating the death have been granted a search warrant for social media accounts belonging to the infant’s family.

A search warrant request was filed Tuesday in Owen County Circuit Court for the Facebook records of nine people connected to Ammerman.

Those individuals include her mother and father, Jessica Mae Stewart and Justin Ammerman, and her paternal grandmother Tamera Sue Morgan.

The warrant also includes the social media accounts of Kyle Parker, the man accused of sexually assaulting and killing her, who is not related to Shaylyn Ammerman.

Ammerman was found dead in a remote area near Gosport last month nearly 36 hours after she was reported missing from her crib.

Parker faces numerous felony charges in her death, including kidnapping, rape, obstruction of justice and murder.

Judge Lori Thatcher-Quillen granted the search warrant on Tuesday. The warrant requires Facebook to turn over the records within 20 days.

“The document doesn’t provide a lot of detail on who they’re suspecting of what, so it’s tough to get a handle on it that way,” said Shawn Boyne, a law professor with the Robert McKinney School of Law. “You can say the bottom line is they don’t think they know everything about what went down.”

Boyne is not connected with the case.

Ammerman’s grandmother has told media that the family has nothing to hide.