Since April 8th, troopers at the Sellersburg District of the Indiana State Police have confiscated approximately 3.7 grams of Heroin, approximately 4.2 grams of Methamphetamine, over one pound of Marijuana, $14,225.00 of U.S. Currency, numerous pieces of Paraphernalia, 40 guns and counterfeit U.S. Currency.

The following people were arrested as a result of the above seizures. None of the people were connected as a group or organization.

All of the confiscated items were lumped together by category.

1) Richard J. Bramer, 50, Underwood, IN-Clark

2) Byron D. Catlett, 41, Lyons, IN-Washington

3) Donald Frisz, 57, Scottsburg, IN-Scott

4) Danny Moore, 24, Salem, IN-Clark

5) Logan P. Norris, 18, Pekin, IN-Clark

6) Richard D. Plaskett, 19, Memphis, IN-Clark

7) Tavis Roark, 25, Louisville, KY-Clark

8) John Montray Trumbo, 19, Jeffersonville, IN-Clark

9) Jose C. Valentin, 33, Jeffersonville, IN-Clark

10) Travis P. Veatch, 41, Louisville, KY-Clark

11) Rustin K. Vincent, 24, Sellersburg, IN-Clark