A scam is going around Washington County today where a person is calling residents and identifying himself as Washington County Deputy Ryan Larrimore.

The only problem is, it isn’t Deputy Larrimore.


The real Deputy Larrimore sat down with WLSM this afternoon to give the residents of Washington County a few times.

“If you receive a call from someone claiming to be me and telling you you have a federal tax warrant do NOT give them any information,” Larrimore said. “Its a SCAM. I have taken 2 reports of this today.”

He said amounts of $100 and $1000 have been stolen today.

He said the “fake” officer is asking for money to be purchased on a money card and the identification on the card be given to him over the phone.

Chief Deputy Sheriff Brent Miller said the sheriff’s department “typically doesn’t contact people by telephone to let them know they have a warrant for their arrest.”

Miller said it is rarely done when someone has a Misdemeanor and a low bond amount.

“We request they come into the sheriff’s department and bring the bond money with them,” he said. “Under no circumstances do we ask anyone to get a pre-paid debit card and ask for that over the phone.”

If anyone gets a call like this, call the Washington County Sheriff’s Department at 812.883.2834 or 812.883.5999.