This morning with the help of the City of Salem Police Department, the Washington County Sheriff’s Department arrested a 37-year-old Salem man for shooting at two cars on Voyles Road.

original (1)Ken Anderson, 37, West Market Street, Salem, was taken into custody around 6a and has been charged with one count each of attempted murder, criminal recklessness with a weapon and with pointing a firearm.

Anderson is in the Washington County Jail.

According to Sheriff Roger Newlon, Anderson was driving north on Voyles Road this morning between 5:30a-5:45a when he began shooting at another vehicle.

Anderson was in possession of a 9mm handgun.

“Another vehicle was following behind Anderson,” said Newlon. “He told us he began to see flashes of light up ahead and realized someone in the car in front of him was shooting back at him.”

The driver of the second car backed off and stopped in the road with hazard lights on.

Newlon said a second car then passed the two vehicles and is believed to have been shot at as well.

“That third vehicle drove on and we don’t have any identification on that,” said Newlon. “If anyone was on Voyles Road this morning and believes they were shot at, please call 812.883.5999 and let us know.”

Anderson left the road and turned left on State Road 60 towards Salem.

After a 911 call was received, Washington County Sheriff’s Deputies and Salem Police responded.

“I want to say thanks to the City of Salem Police who were able to locate the vehicle near Motsinger Road in Salem and get him stopped within 6-7 miles of Pekin. They were very helpful in making the arrest,” which was done by Deputy Alan Taylor.

“We’ve talked to the driver of the second vehicle and there is no indication there was no injuries, no provocation between him and the shooter and no altercation. It’s just a random thing. But we are looking for the driver of the second vehicle to see if they can provide any details.”

Newlon said Anderson has not told police why he was shooting or if there was any relationship to either party he was shooting at.